About Allan

I have always been passionate about learning languages, especially Spanish. I've seen firsthand how language has the power to open doors, create connection, convey love and inspire creativity.


Growing up with a parent as a Spanish teacher, I was exposed to the language at an early age. Even still, I struggled with the same concepts my students struggle with today while moving through my high school and college classes.


It wasn't until I studied abroad in Peru, where I lived for two months with a family who spoke only Spanish, that I really entered fluency. I learned to speak with confidence, spontaneity, humor (and most importantly, with a good accent!). Coming back to the states, I finished up my studies at California Polytechnic University, where I graduated with a double minor in Spanish & Latin American Studies under my belt. I quickly took advantage of my nascent freedom and went off to travel all over Central America and Mexico, playing music, studying Yoga & meditation, all while perfecting my Spanish along the way.


Upon my return, I was invited to take over a Spanish class at my old high school, Monte Vista HS, for a teacher who was to go on maternity leave. Teaching there, I was able to offer students a unique perspective on learning the language, as it wasn't that long since I had been in their seat! I shared with them ways to learn the language in ways beyond mere memorization and rote repetition, as well as mind-body practices to decrease stress and increase attention and relaxation. 


I have since moved on to teach at other institutions, as well as teach other teachers how they can use these practices in their classrooms, but I still love supporting others one-one to learn the Spanish language. Whether their goal is to increase a grade, learn cutting edge study techniques, or simply get consistent support and accountability, I have seen those I work with succeed again and again.


Being able to speak Spanish has made such a positive impact in my life and I truly love helping others to be able to do the same.

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